Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Twitter is suddenly...

...the in thing, which is a little bit scary for me since I first signed up to it back in March 2007. I never usually discover the cool things early on, I'm always late to the party.

I started tweeting again back in December when I was after a new thing to take my mind off other things. It certainly helped...

Tweetdeck is my interface of choice, if I ever get a phone I can tweet from then that might change but at the moment it works perfectly for me.

I have all sorts of people filtered off into groups...

There is the Perfect group, consisting of lovely lovely people like Caroline_S, Keris, emmaj1983, threeleggedcat, antoniajane and of course Miss EmLah.

There is my Groupie group which features stephenfry, neilhimself, bobbyllew and alandavies1 (he's a secret Leyton Orient supporter y'know), among others.

Other contacts are split into book/blog/F1/randomly interesting related groups.

Then I have a new group that I added just today.

This one makes me giggle.


Please put your hands together for the Fake F1 Drivers!!!

* fakejenson * FakeAlonso * fakefelipemassa * FakeKazNakajima * fakemarkwebber * FakeSebVettel * fakehamilton *

All bossed about by fakemaxmosley and all bitched about by fakejuanmontoya.

Now we just need a FakeKimi to turn up and it'll all be good. (Not that I expect a FakeKimi to turn up, we all know he's too busy drinking/sleeping/eating icecreams to Tweet).

Basically...Twitter rocks.


Rochelle said...

Great post! I love Twitter a lot and have met the most interesting people all over the world. I love how you can really connect with others with similar interests, and of course I love the hilarious tweeps I follow!

Michelle said...

Oh god, I'm seeing Twitter things every where these days. Signed up for it ages ago, tweeted maybe 5 times and now I just can't get into it. It all just annoys me. You watch though, give it another month or so and I'll be worn down from all the pressure everywhere to twitter and I'll find it's my favourite thing in the world. Until then, I'm still grumpy about it all.

Caroline said...

You are one of my most favourite Twitter friends! Twitter works, on a basic keeping in touch level, but for me it's really pushed me to write my Kate novel!

I have a feeling it's going to get too busy soon.


Keris said...

Ooh, am v flattered to be in the 'Perfect' group! :) I am totes obsessed with Twitter. It's such good fun, but way too addictive.

Emmie said...

hehe i love how you put me in there! I love it too! xx

Three Legged Cat said...

Aw - am reet chuffed (as we say round here) to be in your perfect group.

I love Twitter. I remember feeling a bit confused by it, but then suddenly I found myself in the middle of this network of lovely people who chat, tell me about stuff, make me laugh.

(Sorry for late comment - I'm catching up on blogs etc, had to take some t'internet leave to go and do v. v. boring real life things.)