Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Once again...

...Richie Fingers made me laugh today.

There I am reserving a copy of The Magical Adventures of the Wishing Chair for a customer and vaguely aware that there is a lady waiting behind him.

The lady waiting was holding a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Flowers for me.

Flowers with a card...

...and what did Richie say?

"Does your Anthony know that you're getting flowers from a bloke called Nelson?"

When I stopped going scarlet and gasping for air I explained a little.

Then Richie took over the book reservation for me, explaining to the customer "she just got flowers from a F1 driver, yeah."

Monday, 6 July 2009

There is a fundamental...

...difference between love and romance that often gets confused.

Romance is things like buying flowers/chocolates for your loved one, love is buying them Marmite when you loathe the stuff.


Romance is cooking them a nice meal or taking them out for dinner, love is regularly doing the washing-up because they hate it.


Romance is presents at unexpected times, love is completely unexpected presents at expected times.

(love is also cropping huge cheesy grins out of pictures)


Today I smiled all day, a big twinkly smile that became infectious. I smiled because of something I was given yesterday, a gesture of love laced with a hearty dose of romance.

But when I came home tonight and the kitchen was tidy and the litter tray had been changed - then I smiled with love love LOVE.


Here's to clean litter trays, to washing-up, to Marmite, to Michael Schumacher 7-star caps...

...and here's to a rather perfect symbol of romance and love.

(and to a cat that must be in every single photograph ever taken while sat at this desk)

Saturday, 4 July 2009

As you all know...

...I'm a big fan of Twitter. (When used responsibly that is, anyone who just tweets rubbish at me will be blocked, k thanx bai).

Recently, as well as the collection of FakeF1 Drivers a few real ones have joined in the fun.

Nelson Piquet Jr joined back on the 5th of June and started quite a few people learning Portuguese (although he dual tweets in English too) and made a lot of people smile with his photographs.

Then Rubens Barrichello turned up on the 23rd of June (possibly converted by Nelson?) and also posted amusing photographs (especially this one).

Recently Nelson decided to give away a signed visor to one of his followers if he reached 20,000 followers before the German GP.

On Friday he hit that target and asked people to tweet him what they would do with the visor if they won it.

So I sent him a message that said:

@NelsonPiquet I'll give the visor to my fiance, in exchange for the engagement ring he's been promising me for the last 6 months.

(Quite a few of my Twitter buddies loved it, but I didn't mention it to Anthony...)

The competition closed tonight, and then I got this tweet...

@Petronella won the visor! @pedrorq and @D_Broka, the other 2 prizes!

OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I'm shaking like crazy and then Anthony wanders in.

Me "So guess what, I won @NelsonPiquet's visor!" Him "Brilliant!" Me "But you should see what won it for me" Him *reads screen* silence...!

(He still hasn't said anything, he's gone out for a smoke...) He's come back in...
Him: "Well then. I guess we're going to the Jewellery Quarter tomorrow then?" Me: "If that's ok?" Him: "Silly girl, I love you!"


He's a happy bunny, I'm a happy bunny.

Life is good and Twitter rocks!