Thursday, 3 October 2013

Long Time No Blog...

No apologies this time, life is different and rather hectic, and blogging has just fallen completely off the radar.

Having spent the last 4 years or so waiting for a baby to arrive, now that she's here (and 15 months old no less!) it's taken more than a bit of adjusting. It wasn't too bad while I was on maternity leave, because that was a whole lovely time out of time, but going back to work in April... woah. That was tough and I'm really only just settling into it.

While I have to confess I'm enjoying being back at work in some ways (I still love discovering new books and helping other people find them too), I resent work meaning that I only get an hour or so with her a day, not to mention the Saturdays I miss. Yet at the same time, on my midweek days off (like today), she still ends up going to the childminder for the morning so that I can get some house stuff done and get myself an hour just for me. 

I've had a life that I've filled up with distractions over the last few years, in order not to think about the lack of a child. Now that she's here, it's surprisingly hard to get used to a life with no time for these distractions. With not being able to spend the entire weekend on the sofa with Anthony, watching an entire tv series and eating copious quantities of Kettle Chips.

But I'm getting there. I've had to become organised and tidy (don't faint!). We've chopped the number of "must-watch" tv series right down to a mere 15hrs or so a week. I'm trying to write meal plans, and planning my evenings so that I can still play WoW, and cross-stitch, and read blogs, and play addictive ptootly iPad games (Pocket Planes! Pocket Trains! Tapped Out!), yet also not feel that I should be doing all the house-tidying that other people (grown-ups) always seem to be doing.

I think it's actually just the same old revelation, I need to be doing the things that are right for me, and right for my family (family!!!!!), rather than the things I feel I *should* be doing.

So yeah. Same old, same old going on here really.

See :-)

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