Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Third Strike...

...and I'm down but not out.

I haven't been blogging much recently because I've been absolutely wiped out with a combination of extreme tiredness and nausea. Also because the reason for the tiredness/nausea was really the only thing I wanted to blog about.

I didn't want to blog about it til after Christmas, until my birthday in fact.

Then I could announce the fantastically good news that I was expecting a baby in late June and then everything was going well.

And it was.

Right up until the point during my first scan yesterday when I was lying there looking at the screen and making out the shape of my baby and the ultrasoundographer (is that even a word) said sorry. She said she couldn't find a heartbeat.

So I'm afraid that instead of joining the many blogging friends and friends from school with happy baby announcements, once again I have to buck the trend and be the one with bad news.

I'm off to the hospital this afternoon for what is referred to as "surgical management". Anthony is here and proving yet again exactly why he is the Yeti's polar opposite.

You know what? Next year I'm going to have a bloody fabulous Christmas, cos last year and this one are just too pants to count.

And if anyone would like to buy me an early Christmas present? I'd like this please. *grin*

Love you xx


Michelle said...

Oh Kate, I'm so sorry. I cried reading your post.

Mummy said...

I'm so SO sorry to read that, Kate. Thinking of you....(((HUGS)))

Caroline said...

I'd somehow suspected that you were (in my odd witchy way) and now I am so upset for you.

You know that I understand this and that words don't really make it all better. But, I am thinking about you and wishing that it was different.


therealjenleft said...

I'm sorry Kate :(

I'd hug you if I could xxx

Kerry said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, Kate!

Three Legged Cat said...

I'm so sorry Kate, that's the most awful news.