Sunday, 28 December 2008

Did you all...

...have a nice Christmas?

I had a very nice Christmas Day, a not so nice Boxing Day (due to being at work serving idiots who can't wait ONE MORE DAY to go shopping) and then a very very nice birthday.

I have TWO new Leyton Orient shirts (a team shirt and a polo shirt) to wear plus some very scary boot-style slippers that my mother sent me and assorted other lovely things. These include a very very posh handbag from my darling sister who is trying so hard to make me elegant and grown-up. Pictures of this will follow, because it's just too damn gorgeous not to share!

We also appear to have a breeding population of Terry's Chocolate Oranges since everywhere you turn there's another one!

This may conflict slightly with my goal reaching on my lovely shiny Wii Fit that I got for my birthday. Chocolate Oranges are not exactly healthy food after all.

Today is a day for chilling out even more, especially since Anthony is fighting off the lurgy. He's doing this by shooting people on his XBox (not a 360, he wouldn't let me get him one) while I work on my birthday playlist.

Very unimpressed that "Leyton" pops up on the spellchecker!

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Michelle said...

We have multiplying Terry's chocolate oranges as well! They're everywhere in our house. N got a Wii for Christmas, and I wanted the Wii Fit as well but couldn't afford it! Maybe for his birthday (not likely as Joshua's first birthday is 2 days before his!)

Our holiday was great, but then both boys got sicked, followed quickly by me and now N has it! Josh has conjunctivitis, Elliot is on antibiotics for his tonsils. They look really terrible and I feel like crying everytime I look at him. Elliot is now sleeping in our bed. Oh well. It was your birthday? Happy belated birthday!