Thursday, 27 May 2010

It's time for...

...a little bit of Maths.


Now I want an iPad. I do. I do. I do.

If I mention this to Anthony he will roll his eyes (nicely) and ask me why. I will then dribble on about blogging from the sofa and not hogging the PC for my random internet ptootlings when he really wants to go and kill some Murlocs.

This won't convince him.

So in an attempt to convince myself that I really can't afford one, I have been working out the costs in alternative currencies.


The 64GB iPad with just WiFi is currently £599. If you want it with 3G too, then it goes up to £699 (plus £10 a month for 1GB of data).

So in cupcakes (from the Primrose Bakery, like I bought in London) at £1.85 a cupcake:

64GB WiFi iPad = 324 cupcakes.
64GB WiFi+3G iPad = 378 cupcakes (plus another 6 cupcakes a month)


In IKEA bookcases (that's a BILLY unit at £55 plus a height extender for £20)

64GB WiFi iPad = 8 bookcases (£1 needed to make it 8 rather than 7 and £74 left over)
64GB WiFi+3G iPad = 9 bookcases (£24 left over towards data costs)


The WiFi iPad is only £9 less than the cost of the daybed and chest of drawers (plus two sets of BILLY bookcases) that I want for our spare bedroom. Make it the 3G model and throw in another bookcase and have enough money left over for a take-away pizza (sod the data costs),


In £18.99 hardbacks it's 32 or 37 books, 47 or 55 if you take off my discount. 75 or 88 £7.99 paperbacks, 112 or 131 with discount!


Basically I could get a hell of a lot of other things I want, plus a lot of things that we actually need.

So why oh why have I still not convinced myself.

Silly brain.


diane said...

Hold out for a few years until it's a cheaper and more impressive device, I say. Do you think the early iPods were anything like as good as their current, cheaper incarnations? No. They were a bit rubbish.

No point wasting your hard-earned when in a few years you'll get so much more for so much less. (You can only open one application at a time! Talk about primitive. And how can you read a book on it when it has no e-ink??)

For now, you'd be better off with a Kindle and a Macbook. But don't do that maths... ;)

Caron said...

I blogged about my iPad envy at almost the same time. For me it's 12 years' Lib Dem membership:-).

I'll edit my post with a link to this. You got a mention via your Twitter feed in the original. I still haven't forgiven you for tweeting the link to that brilliant review:-)

DJ Kirkby said...

Hmmmmm, you lost me with the math but I want an iPad too. However, Chopper bought me a Samsung Notebook last year so there's NO WAY I'll convince him that I NEED an iPad :(

Kerry said...

I hate to tell y'all, but I grudgingly bought my husband an iPad. And I'm usually totally underwhelmed by things that are supposed to be cool. Rebellious nature, I guess.

But the iPad is actually really awesome. I heart it. A lot. And I steal it from Steve pretty much every day and he makes a sad little Steve face until I grudgingly give it back.

We got ours for only $499 here. Are you allowed to buy one from America and then have someone send it to you? Or are there different wifi thingies? I know nothing. Just that when I go to Wales, I always have to buy a pay-as-you-go cell phone for ten pounds because my normal cell phone doesn't work.

Kerry said...

(and also, I'm on ambien right now. which means if you say something to me tomorrow about whatever I just said I won't remember saying it. just so you know and everything ;)