Thursday, 11 December 2008


...I still didn't have enough of it yesterday.

The doc went for my right wrist first and managed to fill four sample tubes with what he got. Then it was "a bit of blind poking about" in order to find the nice vein in my left elbow that the nurse had found before. It turned up first try and provided enough blood to fill the other nine sample tubes. Unlike the nurse before, he didn't fill each tube up straight from me. Instead he had this giant syringe and then decanted it.

Anthony was ever so sympathetic...sitting there and telling me my veins were crap while showing off the fact that his aren't.

Got my revenge when the doc decided to take some from Anthony too as part of the screening process that now kicks in as that was my third strike.

The big patch on my hand is where the catheter went for my nice general anaesthetic. That one (of course) bled like a bugger when they took it out.


So I'm here, and I'm ok. Not great, but ok. Thank you for all of your love and best wishes, hugs back at the lot of you.

Now I'm back to the sofa to watch more curling (love that sport) and be purred at by a possessive pussycat.


EmLah said...

i have a gruffalo sticker on my car thought that might cheer u up :)

FeeBeeKay said...

I hope you don't mind me posting - I found your blog via a convoluted lunchtime journey through other blogs. I also hope it doesn't completely creep you out!!

I just wanted to say be kind to yourself and go gently, and send you some wishes for happiness.

Two years ago the same thing happened to me - this year we are celebrating our first Christmas with our 9 month old daughter.

Take good care of yourself