Thursday, 2 October 2008

This evening...

...has been a relaxing one.

I have finally caught up with reading all the lovely blogs captured in my Google Reader. I also found some delightful new blogs after playing with the Black Boxes widget a little more. Plus I went delving back into the archives of one new discovery and read some things that really rang true for my life at the moment. So I'll be thinking on those a bit more.

I've tatted about with my sidebar a little, and added a hopeful something at the bottom of my blog.

I also finally added notes to my blog header picture on Flickr, so if you ever wanted to know what anything was in that shot you can now find out. (Added bonus - if you go to the next item in the photostream you get to see live action kitties being funny and cute).

My statue photos are still very much a work in progress but I have a day off tomorrow so will do some more organising then.

Oh dear, watching that video has given the little darlings ideas, WWIII has just broken out in the hallway - I'm off to break it up.


auntiegwen said...

Hi, the black box sent me.

I bought a Wispa yesterday and sadly I remember them from the first time round too !

Not as good as Galaxy Counters in my opinion !

Michelle said...

You're going to Italy? I'm jealous!

(would still love to see the statue photos!)