Thursday, 16 October 2008

Now, I am a geek...

...for World of Warcraft and I freely admit it. Recently I haven't been playing so much, knowing that as soon as WotLK comes out I will be straight back into it again. I've even been dabbling with Guild Wars - Emily's MMORPG of choice.

Then yesterday came a bright shiny new patch, the last one before WotLK comes out. I'm in love with the game all over again.

They've done the usual thing and tweaked all the talent trees so you have to re spend your points, but they've also done things like adding your mounts and pets to your character. This means that instead of buying a mount/pet and having it take up a space in your bags, it becomes a little icon in your mount/pet screen and then you just click there. More bag space is always good!

My favourite thing so far is the achievements addition. Now I like exploring the world I'm playing in so I tend to go wandering about areas where I don't have quests and don't really need to go - according to other players I'm "wasting valuable levelling time". For me the game has always been about the whole thing, I don't need to get my fishing skill up to 350, it won't make me level any quicker or get me l33t gear to show off to other people. I just like doing it.
The achievements thing means that I will be earning points for all the "silly time wasting crap" that I like to do. That's a very good thing. It also means that I'll be playing my level 70's more, trying to finish off the last bits I'm missing for achievements. (My general love of exploring means I've got lots of points for that already!)

So in conclusion, I am a geek. But a very happy one.