Sunday, 5 October 2008

It's been...

...a pretty good weekend considering.

That's considering the fact that I've been working both days and that Anthony's car is still playing up. The car thing meant that I saw him when he met me from work on Saturday night to go shopping (minimalist shopping since we had to carry it all) and that he spent last night and today here but has just left. He's very grumpy about his car, and very grumpy indeed that his car playing up means he has to cadge lifts from his dad - something he hasn't done for 17 years or so.

I now won't see him until next Saturday, probably. That's the main thing that's making me grumpy - I never know when he'll be able to get here or for how long he can stay, and if he can't get here at all it's rather depressing.

So last night and then when I got back from work today we did what Deanna describes as boating and what we think of as bed snuggling. We're not quite in the same league as her, for us it consisted of eating first (curry, yum), then lounging in bed watching Buffy until we both got too sleepy. The decision to do this last night was driven by the fact that neither of us could get warm and so bed with electric blankets was deemed very necessary.

My solitary form of snuggling has become me curled up on the sofa listening to audio books (rather than watching TV) and sewing. I've just finished listening to I Capture the Castle - in a very disjointed fashion as I realised I'd heard half of part one, then half of part two so had to match the story back up again. On Friday I had to choose between Sabriel (read by Tim Curry) or Stardust (read by Neil Gaiman himself). I went for Stardust and boy is it good. It's fabulous listening to the author read their own work, it means you know it sounds the way they want it to.

I have tomorrow off before a week of doom starts (out at an event on Tues, changeover Wed, generally short-staffed all week) and I think I just might have to listen to some more of it then. In fact, I shall put it on my to-do list for tomorrow.


Caroline said...

I love Neil Gaiman very very much. x

Karen said...

I like listening to audiobooks when I'm knitting. I don't know if you're into Dr Who at all but I can recommend the ones read by David Tennant. It's weird hearing switch between his normal (sexy) Scottish accent when narrating and then the Dr's accent with such ease! He does Rose, her mum, Mickey and all the character voices really well.

I love I Capture the Castle! I haven't heard the audiobook but I have read it and can even recommend the film :)

Michelle said...

The one time I listened to an audio book was when I forgot to READ the book and had some other things I needed to do so picked up the audio book and it really didn't work because it was for uni and I was supposed to be taking notes and anyway my mind kept wandering and I failed my essay and I've never listened to an audio book again. But I've always wanted to. Especially when it's the author reading the book.

I've always missed working in a bookstore but lately I just can't stop thinking about it! You call it a week of doom, but to me, it sounds wonderful. I loved working under pressure!