Tuesday, 23 September 2008

This day...

...last year was more than a little bit pants.
So when I woke up this morning I had no great expectations, I just wanted to get through the day without falling apart.

In the end it's been a pretty brilliant day.

  • I've had paperwork from the divorce people at last. I just have to get an affidavit signed and then that's one step closer to my divorce coming through.
  • Lovely Caroline's book arrived at work. I sent her pictures, and she has blogged them. (Yes I am pink, three flights of stairs I ran down to open the box they were in). I am up to page 275 and loving every second of it. Loving is a strange word to use about this book, but it works.
  • My iPod has been spooky and played just the right songs at just the right moments.
  • It rained a bit today, but whenever I've been outside it has been glorious sunshine.
Basically, life is good.

I am aware that it may all go a little pear-shaped later on in the evening, and it certainly will in the wee small hours when my usual night-time routine kicks in (sleep for two hours, wake up after a nightmare, cry for a bit, fail to sleep until about 5am then get two more hours of sleep).

But at this time, and in this place, life is good.

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Caroline said...

You have very much been part of my day today. You have made me smile so much and I had no idea of your fears.

In light of the fact that you've read so much ... I will lift the ban and you can read it, but only you and no one else in the whole wide world.