Friday, 12 September 2008



I have got the horrible lurgy.

I hope it is not transmissible by widget because it is so nice meeting all these new people and I would hate to make everybody ill.


In an attempt to feel better for tomorrow (when I will hopefully see my man since he has been on night shifts and had car problems all week), I shall be spending this evening in a hot bath.

A hot bath with a Blackberry Bath Bomb in it.

With a mug of Lemsip, and possibly a large mug of an Instant Tea too.

Also a relaxing lovely book, haven't quite decided which one yet though.

Of course, I might well be really lazy and just stick the audiobook of I Capture the Castle (read by the lovely Jenny Agutter) on.


I shall try and post later, possibly about soup.


Caroline said...

I LOVE Lush. It is my special treat to myself! (I am excited as no one else likes Lush) (who I know or it would be a rubbish business!)

Get better soon honey x

Josh Baker said...
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Nik's Blog said...

Hope you're lurgie free and all feeling better soon. Good blog, btw.


DK Green said...

aw... get well soon. Love the pampering yourself strategy!

Ken said...

*sniff* I think it is catchy, No not really, but i had you going huh.

I hope you get feeling better soon!

Twinville said...

So weird! I fell into your blog via a little black box.

Thanks for the interesting fall into this 3rd dimension.

What the heck is limsip?


Laughing Orca Ranch
New Mexico

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Edward and I are so sorry to visit and find you ill! Take care of yourself. It sounds as though you have the perfect remedy, bath, tea and I Capture the Castle!

We look forward to your upcoming post about soup!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, found you via Black Box, very distracting indeed!! But a great invention.

I hope your cold gets better, I think it might just be catching through widget because I'm not feeling a 100% today and I've noticed one or two bloggers around have got it.

Take care,
Crystal Jigsaw x