Sunday, 14 September 2008


...that I didn't post about soup the other night, I didn't get out of the bath til about 10pm (mmmmmm, lovely three hour bath) and then I got distracted by the widget again.

There will be a soup post at some point.

In the meantime I would like to say HELLO! to all the lovely people who have been here via the widget and hoped that I get better soon.

So hello and thank you to:

Trousers, nmj, spacedlaw, ken, Susan, Lady in red, Country Girl, Ashley Ladd, Kathryn, Papercuts, Brom, hullabrouhaha, liz fenwick, Nik's Blog, DK Green, Twinville, Pamela Terry and Edward, Crystal Jigsaw and Leigh. (I now have 35 new blogs in the Widgetness folder on Google Reader - wah hoo!)

Also big hugs to Michelle who has also had the lurgy (as have her two adorable boys), and of course the fabulous Caroline who wrote the book that needed the widget (as built by Stray) in the first place!

I am feeling much better today after an unfortunate incident yesterday when I laughed so hard at Lewis Hamiltwunt qualifying in 15th that I actually made myself sick.
Luckily the afternoon/evening spent flopped on the sofa, flicking through cross-stitch magazines to find my next project (this one at last) while watching Season Three of Buffy has restored me to nearly normal again.

As I am feeling better I have been very grown-up and written myself a To-Do List.
  1. Do washing-up.
  2. Watch Italian GP, hopefully laughing at Lewis throughout.
  3. Do some work on either my mothers present, or this cross-stitch (that I found in a drawer, half-finished and neglected since 2003).

I hope that you all have a very nice Sunday and I will leave you with Sebastian Vettel's reaction to getting pole position in qualifying yesterday (and becoming the youngest driver ever to do so)

(I just want to give him a hug!)

Edited to add: Hooray!!! Vettel just won his first Grand Prix. Youngest driver to do so and an absolute sweetie to boot!


liz fenwick said...

Thank you - you just reminded to put the telly on. Now if I can bear to listen to the commentary in arabic or do I switch the sound off?????

Caroline said...

I forgive you, mainly because you're lovely x

Sparx said...

Laughing at Lewis... meany... but wasn't Vettel amazing! Just felt so sorry for Bordais, poor mite. Came here via the widget too!

Ken said...

Glad to hear your felling better, I will be back to try the soup!

Karen said...

Hello I found you via the widget and I knew I would like it here from your picture at the top - lots of books, Lush products and a cat!

Haven't had much time to explore as was at work when I found you and only just got home broadband working again today. Your blog looks interesting though :)

Ashley Ladd said...

Thanks for mentioning me and visiting my blog. I have more blogs now, too, because of the black boxes widget.

Nik's Blog said...

Hello from Nik of Nik's blog! Hope you're on the mend.


Fire Byrd said...

This BB is certainly addictive.I just hope Stray's getting royalities for it.
I'm amazed that you had a three hour bath,I could only fo that if I fell asleep.

Lena said...

3 hours bath, wow, thats a luxury i cant afford myself but would wish for sure :D

And like many landed up via bb here :)

Mom de Plume said...

Hi I cam via the widget too. Glad you are feeling better. I wish I could manage a 3 hour bath, it's all I can do to fit in a ten minute shower at bedtime... Ah the joys of motherhood!

Stray said...

get better soon. We all had the sore-throat yukness (I lost my voice for a week) followed by the pukey yukness just a few weeks ago. gross. My sister in law is a nurse and says they are inundated because warm + wet = heaven for viruses. (That was not proper maths, it's ok).

Lucozade is the way forward. and more blackboxing ...