Monday, 22 September 2008


...(oh yes, you knew that was coming)

I have never been a big fan of soup. I don't remember it coming up as a regular meal option at home, it would always be a choice of last resort when I was ill and particularly grumpy. Then it had to be Cream of Chicken, no other type would do.

But recently I have been wanting soup.

So I went out and bought some.

That receipt has had to be saved as proof that I had a soup moment, although the entries on it do not do my soup shopping justice.

Farmers Soup = Heinz Farmers' Market Roast Parsnip & Caramelised Onion Soup.
Soup = Heinz Farmers' Market Beef, Mushroom & Red Wine Soup
Ckn Broth = Heinz Classic Chicken & Barley Broth
Soup = Tesco Finest Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash & Pumpkin Soup
Soup = Tesco Finest Cream of Chicken Soup

(the Finest ones come in very cool pouches, and I was glad as the bag was very heavy anyway!)

As you can see, if I am going to eat soup, it has to be fancy soup.

We bought some nice ones from Waitrose yesterday too: Frances Robson's Tweedside Honey in English Parsnip Soup and Laura & Simon Thearle's Goats Cheese in Red Pepper Soup.

I have even been looking at some cookbooks at work to find myself a soup I can cook in the slow cooker one day. It's all part of looking after myself with this horrible lurgy that just won't go away.

I'm probably never going to eat soup in a restaurant (they always have either goats cheese or pate for a starter) but at the moment my diet is becoming soup based which is rather scary. I think it must be Anthony's influence, this last couple of years I've taken to eating all sorts of things that I would never have touched with a bargepole before.

Next thing you know I'll be drinking coffee!


B said...

I am VERY fussy about soup. If it's not home made, it has to be very high quality. The type that come in tubs. I don't do tinned soup, darlings!

I didn't do soup at all for about 28 years, though. So maybe this will change :o) I have also learned to like bananas - still can't eat them unadulterated, but I'm there with just about any other form. I'm working on just eating them as they come. They are a handy fruit to like!

Also glad to see someone else gives money in to get more convenient change. People look at me like I'm mental when I do that. I sometimes have to explain. A girl in Starbucks the other week actually held onto the 20p I'd given her and gave it me back with the change.

(Did I say hi before? The widget brought me here....)

Michelle said...

Mmmmm.. I love soup. I had a bit of a craving for it last week, but since I don't do the shopping, I didn't get any. I guess that's only fair as I didn't mention it to anyone and last I checked N isn't a mindreader :)

Karen said...

I love especially at this time of year. I have a recipe I'm dying to try out for Apple, Cider and Potato Soup which I got from the TV.

I'm also quite fussy about bought soup as I find that a lot of the tinned ones are far too salty. I have had the Tesco Finest butternut squash one and that's lovely (and think the pouches are cool too). I can also recommend many of the Covent Garden soups (and they handily come in cardboard cartons rather than tins).

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Hello from T E X A S , your lovely black widget brought me here and I just had to add that I love soup. I love broccoli and cheese soup. You should try it ,it is very good, and I do eat Campbells soup out of a can, it doesn't bother me a bit, in fact I love chicken noodle!
I enjoyed your blog!