Tuesday, 10 February 2009


...To Do List
(red items are uncompleted)

  • Clear off dining room table and polish

  • Empty bins

  • Empty cat litter trays

  • Put black bags into wheelie-bin

  • Descale kettle

  • Sort bottles for recycling/Paul

  • Take down Christmas/Birthday cards

  • Change Ecological Wall Calendar to Winter/Spring

  • Update Books Read in 2009 list

  • Listen to some classical music (in an attempt to be able to name all the pieces I know by ear eg. Pachelbel's Canon or 'Pizzicata' from Sylvia)

  • Play some Warcraft

  • Watch some things from the V+ box (cos it's filling up!)

  • Spend some time fussing the pussycats

  • Work on my cross-stitch

  • Do washing-up

Quite a productive day really...shame about the washing up though...just ran out of time...*whistles innocently*


Emmie said...

ran out of time huh?

Happens to me everyday, esp where the dishes are concerned! :o) x

Michelle said...

Sounds like a very productive day. I love how you read whole series of books at a time. I actually like doing the washing up.