Monday, 22 March 2010

Now I haven't actually...

...been tagged by Caron for this meme but her post made me giggle so I had to do it myself.

Just like her I could also choose Lewis Hamilton (Red means stop you twassock!) or Ashley Cole (I don't even like Cheryl much but Ashley is scum), I could even have chosen the dreadful Katie Price, mainly because I'm fed up with selling books with her face on them.

Instead I've gone for a man who makes my blood pressure rocket. A man who has the job of passing on other peoples whiny comments on a Saturday morning.

(and please bear in mind the torment I went through to find this!)

BBC Newswatch

I'm sure he's a lovely man really, but his voice is like fingernails on a blackboard to me!

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Caron said...

Oh, thank you:-)I didn't tag you in this one cos you got the last one and you might be annoyed with another one.

You are right - he is annoying and just wrong on so many levels. That hair, too..........