Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I don't really have...

...a defined personal belief system.

I don't buy into "heaven and hell" but equally I would like there to be something more than nothing.

It changes from time to time, some days the knowledge that the atoms that made up my dad (and grandparents, and great-grandparents, and Julius Caesar / Cleopatra / Champion the Wonder Horse) are all still floating about out there in other things is enough, other days it is comforting to think of Dad on a cloud buying a heavenly pint for Humphrey Lyttelton / Spike Milligan / his best mate Brian.

Today I need something a little more than atoms.

Today I need to know that the man (not gentleman as will become very clear) that I encountered on my way home will burn in a fiery hell. Or possibly drown in a wet one. I'm leaning towards drowning.

Imagine that you are driving down a road in the rain (in your flashy Mercedes, probably bought with proceeds from drugs/guns/prostitutes) and you see that the car ahead of you has just driven through a very large puddle, forcing a woman approaching the edge of the road (in fact on the pavement about 2 metres from the kerb) to jump backwards to avoid being splashed.

Do you:

a) Slow down and flash your lights to indicate that she can cross in front of your car and wait for her to get out of splashing range before driving on.

b) Slow down and flash your lights to indicate that she can cross in front of your car but then as she approaches the edge of the kerb slam your foot on the accelerator and speed through the puddle soaking her to the skin while honking your horn.

I suppose I should think myself lucky for being wary and not getting run over.

As it is that man has a nice little eternity being dreamt up for him.



Caron said...

What an ignorant scumbag. Think a hot bath, a glass of wine and some chocolate are called for to restore equilibrium.

Keris said...

What an arsehole! Don't worry, he'll get his, I bet.

Don't suppose you got the reg? Apparently if someone does that on purpose, you can do them for assault.

Kate said...

Bugger. Didn't get his reg but will remember this for next time. (This is Wolves, there will almost certainly be a next time!)

Thank you lovelies, I haz beer & chocolate. Nom. x

Michelle said...

Oh my god, some people are just rotten.

meg said...

My jaw actually dropped just now. What an ass. I'm not even sure I believe that.

I always hear things like this when I'm trying to start thinking nice things about humanity. And then it all gets shot to Hell. Where it belongs.

Kate said...

Wow some people are total morons and it always seems to be the posh wanker in the expensive car doing stuff like that.

Love the blog and nice to see a fellow Kate!

Kate x