Friday, 7 August 2009

I'm sorry...

...that I have not been blogging.

I haven't really been doing much to blog about.

We've gone and seen a few more houses, found a couple that we'd quite like to live in and we're in the process of putting in an offer on one/both of them to see where we get to.

I also bought myself an iPhone last week. This means that I spent the whole of last weekend lying on the sofa cross-stitching, tweeting and listening to audio books. It was lovely. However over the course of the two days Anthony went from "hurrah I've got the computer!" to "but I want to doze on the sofa!".

Now I can tweet (faster) from work and I'm going to try out blogging from it too. I might try doing mini-blogs from it, the equivalent of a tweet perhaps.

I'm also going to try doing more timed posts, that way when I do think of something/do something to blog about I can spread it out a little.

Partly it's cos I'm trying to do more things away from the computer and my blogging is the first thing that suffers. I still try and empty my Google Reader every day though!

So apologies, yet again, for me being a bad blogger. I shall just have to attempt to spread my organisation skills back to the computer without getting sidetracked.

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Michelle said...

I schedule a lot of my posts in advance these days. I write a lot on the weekend and then just respond to comments during the week. It's as much as I can manage!

Also, love my iphone.