Thursday, 6 August 2009

Did you ever do finger painting...

...when you were a child?

Did you dip your hands in paint and do hand prints?

Did you ever do footprint painting?

Were you a messy child who used to get carried away?

I did and was and my mother has just found some photographic proof.

Look at my lovely blonde curls!

(The gentleman on the left is Andrew, he was my partner in crime)


Caron said...

I presume that your mother knew what you were getting up to and didn't just get a complete shock when she came out and saw you covered in paint:-).

Those were the days when we had nice Summers......

Kate said...

I'm pretty sure she knew what we were doing. I'm fairly sure she would have been encouraging us!

That picture was taken out in Bahrain (in spring I think) where the summers are quite fact it was 42C out there today!

Michelle said...

Wow, that is some picture. Talk about getting carried away!

I actually do not remember finger painting. Or doing the handprints or footprints or anything like that. Maybe we did, but I'm pretty sure we didn't.