Friday, 26 June 2009

I finished... current cross-stitch last night. I really couldn't remember how long I'd been working on it, and I couldn't seem to find any pictures of it in progress. After a little digging about in the depths of my computer I found some work-in-progress photos too (and Flickr has helpfully dated them for me).

These were taken on the 11th of October, the 22nd of December and last night respectively.

It's really not that big a design and shouldn't have taken so long but with Anthony working nights I've been on the computer rather than stitching.

Now I just have to choose what I want to stitch next. It's either going to be the Moonlight Cats or the Morning Rooster.

I've got all the threads for the rooster and I'm fairly sure I've got all the ones for the cats, but I'm lacking fabric for both. I shall probably buy the fabric and then decide.


Michelle said...

Ooh, very pretty. I quite like the colours in all of those. The rooster one just makes me smile. Actually, giggle a little bit. But I think that may be the heat affecting my brain.

Did I ever tell you that I learned to cross-stitch in middle school? Home ec was a required class for everyone, but what was surprising about it was that the teacher was the school's wrestling coach. It was the most bizarre thing, having HIM teach us how to cook and cross-stitch. Surreal, in fact.

It was mostly the fact that he was (is?) such a hard-ass, macho guy, but also because we used to live near each other. Sometimes, in the morning before school, I'd see him run past our house wearing itty bitty shorts and nothing else (no shoes, nothing) I was traumatised. Imagine sitting in class with that mental image of your teacher.

Calistro said...

Wow, am seriously impressed! I once tried to make a cross stitch Christmas card for my parents. Two Christmases have passed since then and I still haven't finished it! They're a lot harder than they look aren't they!