Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Call me nosy...

...but I always like looking at what the person in front of me is buying.

In the corner shop just now the man in front of me bought 8 cans of Strongbow, 4 bottles of Blossom Hill red wine (couldn't see the type) and a pack of Bernard Matthews Turkey burgers. "Oh and 10 Benson's, actually mate, make it 20".


Mind you, the guy behind me must have been slightly puzzled at my purchases.

One large tub of Johnson's cotton buds and a packet of Viscount biscuits (14 for the price of 7).

Plus the £10 of gas and £20 of electric that I'd actually gone in there for.

We do actually need the cotton buds, but the Viscounts were an impulse buy.

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Michelle said...

I love looking into other people's trolleys when I'm shopping. I've done it since I was a child. I used to imagine what those people's lives were like based on what they'd picked up. I don't do the shopping in our house though, so I haven't been in months. Now that I'm driving I think that will change though.