Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Yesterday was supposed to be...

...Blue Monday.

(At least it was according to some strange formula which made the news full of it)

The most depressing day of the year.

It could very easily have been.

It was the day before my payday - which used to mean 19p toast for lunch (except that the Tesco Value sliced loaf has rocketed up to 40p since I last bought it) - but as we had thought ahead I had lovely galettes filled with cheese and ham instead.

The shop was very very quiet - which could have meant us all worrying about our jobs - but instead we wrote reviews, pulled returns and made suggestions for Richie Fingers' display of adult picture books (sick puppies, this kind of book, not that kind of book).

I got incredibly broody over an adorable little girl - which could have ruined my whole afternoon - but instead I thought that although I don't have that right now, I will in the future and so it's something to look forward to, like a holiday is.

Oh yeah, did I mention? I'M GOING TO MONZA!!!!!


Today is also going to be a very good day.

I have just slathered Marilyn all over my hair so that it currently smells gorgeous, and in 5 minutes it will look gorgeous too (once dried anyway).

I have two houses to go and view just up the road. I still want to move and even if they're no good I like looking at houses.

I plan to do some nesting things and some bookish things and with any luck Keris might have Joe while I'm at home to read the updates! (although not looking promising so far)

I've gone online to do all my banking and remembered that I don't have to pay any Council Tax this month! That makes me £71 richer than I thought I was. I'm going to be good too and not just go straight to Etsy with it...I shall pay off my book club instead.

And Nie is posting again.

Life is good.


Caroline said...

This post made me smile, which is a rather lovely thing for you to do. Thank you.

Michelle said...

I like looking at houses as well.

Hope the rest of the week is really good for you!

EmLah said...

:)hugs :) i have amusing hamilton/villeneuve news at some point when not on show call i shall call and tell you about it! center parcs sooooooon xx

Emmie said...

oooh lovely! blue monday is all a bit meh.. my day wasnt so brill as I was froze and it made me feel poorly - i wasnt depressed and hope not to be at all this year! xx

Anonymous said...

40p?!?! That's so unfair. I've to fork out three times that much four times a week. I've a family of bread scoffers! Long live the penny jar.