Thursday, 15 January 2009

Blue, blue...

January has me in its miserable grip.

Every single customer at work is rude and or abusive - the winner being the woman who called me a f**king cow when I asked her to put in her pin number while she was on the phone to a friend.

The blog I go to for happy thoughts and positive thinking, cjane, has had no end of crap being talked about it in various places due to her success (subject to confirmation) in the 2008 Weblog Awards.
This includes criticism of the fact that she has been fundraising for her sister, the fact she has been raising her sister's kids, the picture of herself as an angel in her blog header, and the fact that she has been moderating her comments over the last six months in an attempt to keep things positive and upbeat. Good grief. I worry about the world when people stop understanding jokes and sarcasm and decide that she's an evil person who only gave her nephew gum for his birthday.

Plus I'm feeling broody/empty, a currently unsolvable problem.

So tonight I have come home and dug out a song guaranteed to make me cry my eyes out.

Then I put on the song with the longest intro in the world (lyrics start at 3:24)

Then Anthony walked in the front door, I put on a song from my 150for30 play list and the world got brighter.

(Forgot today was Thursday, that goes a long way towards explaining me ranting!)


Michelle said...

I'm sorry you're feeling blue.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How entertained am I by this music?! The Aztec stuff is pretty groovesome... excellent background music for blog reading :)

Then They Might Be Giants?!?! Hats off, girl, that was EXACTLY what I wanted to hear! Never seen the video before either... trippy.