Friday, 14 November 2008

One of the...

...many lovely new blogs I discovered due to that nifty Black Boxes widget is Windmill Watching. At least I think I found it via the might have been via cJane instead.


Yesterday she posted up some pictures illustrating the high high prices of petrol in the USA.

As a Brit I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Then I did some Googling and some Maths.

With the help of, the X-rates currency calculator and Google itself, I discovered the conversion rates.

Prices are UK averages from 12/11/08 (that's the 12th of November or 11/12/08 for the Americans)

Type / Pence per litre / Pounds per gallon / Dollar conversion

Unleaded = 95.4p / £4.34 / $6.42
Diesel = 109.1p / £4.96 / $7.34
LRP = 102.9p / £4.69 / $6.93
Super Unleaded = 102.5p / £4.66 / $6.90

While I do feel sorry for the Americans who have never had to deal with such high fuel prices before...this goes a little way to explain just why any British friends laugh hysterically when you complain about high fuel costs.


Michelle said...

Oh god, I was going to post about this next week as well! My dad is FOREVER complaining about petrol prices and I continuously tell him how high it is here and he never listens. Ever. In 8 years.

Three Legged Cat said...

Earlier this year, I read a book called 'Life As We Knew It'. It describes what happens to an American family in the wake of an apocalyptic event.

When I got to the part about how high gas prices got I just laughed.

They sounded amazingly cheap to me.