Monday, 28 July 2008

Weather... a funny thing.

It has been hot and sunny (and muggy) all day.

About three minutes ago the sky got really dark.

In the time it took me to walk through to the kitchen, the heavens opened.

Looking out of the window it looks like the world is under water. It's hard to see the houses that back onto mine because of the heavy heavy rain.

Esme has vanished to a safe place, Foley has decided that I am the only safe place and is either sitting on my lap or following on my heels.

I am so very glad that it didn't do this while we were at the racing yesterday. Even though my right leg is more than a little swollen with sunburn...


pocketpunk said...

you have got animal crossing for the DS .....havnt you ????

pocketpunk said...

crikey ...thats a bottle of Lush veganese conditioner.....i use that too...and my kittens are black and white ......weird