Monday, 19 September 2011

Before the new DiscWorld book...

...comes out on the 13th of October, I am attempting to reread all the previous ones. All thirty eight of them, plus the three Science of DiscWorld books (people miss these out, but if you don't at least read the story sections you are missing out on vast chunks of Rincewind and The Wizards).

I am partly reading, and partly listening to the unabridged audiobooks. This way even when I decide to have a reading break and go and do some jigsaw or some WoW or some stitching, I'm still getting through the books.

I might have to speed up a little though, I spent Sunday finishing off Reaper Man, which is book eleven.

DiscWorld Reading Guide 2.0
DiscWorld Reading Guide

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Jenni said...

Is that diagram supposed to make things easier?

I like that you're re-reading them, and particularly the way you're using the audiobooks :)