Monday, 8 November 2010

I've suddenly realised...

...why 2010 has felt a bit weird.

Nothing has happened.

Well I mean, obviously things have happened, but nothing huge and life-changing.

I mean, let's go back a few years.

  • 1999 - realised that the uni course I'd wanted to do for years, was not for me, so left uni.

  • 2000 - split up with my uni-boyfriend, moved in with a friend who became a boyfriend, got dismissed from my job and had my first acknowledged episode of depression.

  • 2001 - split up with James and moved home.

  • 2002 - met The Yeti and moved 150 miles up to Wolverhampton with him after knowing him 3 months.

  • 2003 - both my grandfather, and the eldest son of one of my mum's oldest friends died. (Granddad was a bit of a shock, George was a hell of a shock, he was only 28. Killed by a drunk driver.) Two days after finding out about Granddad and George, I tripped off a kerb and broke my arm.

  • 2004 - The group of friends that I socialised with was split asunder by someone who we all trusted. While a few of them still see each other, I have hardly seen any of them since. (one of the reasons my social life is work folks, my ex-neighbour Angie, or Twitter folks).

  • 2005 - I had a miscarriage the day before my wedding.

  • 2006 - I have a second miscarriage. A week later, The Yeti left. Two months after that, I met Anthony.

  • 2007 - My father died and I had to take a month off work over Christmas as I couldn't get out of bed.

  • 2008 - Obvious repercussions at work at the beginning of the year. Miscarriage number three at the end of it.

  • 2009 - Mum is told she has breast cancer (grade one, she's had the all-clear barring the 5 years of meds), the Monza trip, we buy a house.

See? There's been at least one huge event a year.

I mean, plenty has happened this year: tweet-ups, book signings, Anthony winning DotY again. But nothing super major life-changing.

I really do hope I'm not tempting fate here...

(unless it's a nice thing!)

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Maddy said...

So much drama and tragedy in one life.