Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A recipe...

...for creating a grey Tuesday.

  1. Write a long To-Do list

  2. Look outside at heavy rain

  3. Read back through long To-Do list

  4. Sigh

...for cheering up a grey Tuesday.

  1. Ignore list in favour of reading all 73 posts in Google Reader

  2. Discover a fabulous new (to me) blog

  3. Cry at fabulous new blog and remember that I am still allowed to grieve

  4. Open up iTunes and put on crazy music

  5. Get changed into:

    1. swishy black wrap dress

    2. leopard print tights

    3. lovely warm stripy jumper (dress is thin fabric)

    4. ridiculously high heeled (for me) red shoes

  6. Do first item on To-Do list (put on dark load of washing)

  7. Take pictures of feet

  8. Write recipe on blog while leaning over awkward cat

  9. SMILE!


Susan said...

Sounds like a day well spent! LOL

We're spending this rainy day painting the sitting room. Which means, that my husband is painting the sitting room and I'm sitting here waiting until it's time to go look and say what a fabulous job it is and is it time for coffee yet?

Hmm. Maybe I need a list too.

Caroline said...

Loving your tights and shoes!

Sounds like a good day x

Michelle said...

Oh, I love your red shoes. I only have boring, sensible shoes. I really must remedy that. This must have been written awhile ago because it's been lovely and sunny for ages!

jekandhyd said...

Nice feet. I wish mine matched like that